Why Youth Apprenticeship is Spreading in the U.S. (May 2019)

Presenter: Vinz Koller, Social Policy Research Associates

In California, the average apprentice is 29 years old. In Europe the average age is 17. Why the difference? What are we missing? In this webinar we will explore why a national movement to expand Youth Apprenticeship is gaining momentum. The benefits seem obvious: getting young people into apprenticeships has the potential of giving them a job and a college education – all with a steady paycheck, instead of a mountain of debt. But getting high-school-age youth connected to the workplace is not easy. How do schools adapt? What does it take to persuade employers to open up their businesses to minors? What roles can community colleges play to make it happen? Join us as we discuss answers to these and other questions as we build out a more robust apprenticeship system for California.