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  • Opening Doors to Apprenticeship for English Language LearnersThis article discusses a research study that featured interviews with English-as-a-Second-Language (ESL) instructors, program staff, and thought leaders to learn what extent of English learners are participating in apprenticeships, what are the key elements of apprenticeships serving English learners, and what will be needed to sustain and scale apprenticeships equitably. A main finding of the research concludes that adult education providers have the tools to support ESL students’ successful participation in apprenticeships, and that additional guidance and alignment of public and private resources could help to sustain and scale a more inclusive apprenticeship model.
  • Ten Student Centered Uses of Federal Stimulus Funds.  In the April edition of the California Community Colleges Vision in Action newsletter, a group of community college leaders crafted ten ideas centered around student needs and the urgency to act in their best interest. As colleges craft spending plans aligned with federally allowable uses, community college leaders encourage fellow community colleges to consider the ideas outlined in this piece.