Tips from the Field

  • The Future of Student Basic Needs: A Conversation with Higher Education State Leaders Webinar. The work of supporting students' wellbeing continues. This webinar brings together three segments of public higher education in California committed to addressing and supporting students in a number of ways—including their access to financial aid, healthy food, safe housing, and wellbeing and mental health support. During this webinar hosted by the California Higher Education Basic Needs Alliance (CHEBNA), attendees heard from panelists such as: Dr. Lande Ajose, Senior Advisor on Higher Education; Governor Gavin Newsom; Eloy Ortiz Oakley, California Community Colleges Chancellor; Joseph I. Castro, California State University Chancellor; and Michael V. Drake, University of California President.
  • Equitable Apprenticeship Framework. This Framework, developed by ASN and High Road Alliance, describes a process of identifying and addressing issues of equity in apprenticeship. In each of the Framework’s five areas, an apprenticeship team can identify disparities in access and inclusion, devise solutions to these, try out new strategies, and learn from what is put in place to proactively address equity challenges.  
  • Equitable Apprenticeship Toolkit - A Sample Tool. In May, ASN will release in May the Equitable Apprenticeship Toolkit, which will provide an array of tools for information gathering and action planning to address equity issues in apprenticeship. This resource will be a tool for gathering data on the demographics and skills of community members who might have interest in your pre-apprenticeship or apprenticeship program. Take a look, try out the tool in your own community, and stay tuned for the May release of the full toolkit!